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Best travel guide to Antalya in 2023

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We have prepared a city tourism map that includes subjects such as places to visit in Antalya, eating and drinking places in Antalya, natural beauties, beaches, holiday centers, museums, ancient cities, historical places. A comprehensive Antalya travel guide awaits you.

Antalya, Turkey’s most famous tourism city, is the most popular destination for sea-sand-sun tourism. Especially in the summer months, it is full of tourists from many countries of the world, which makes you say, “Where is an Antalya native?” One foot of this tourist crowd is in the blue of the sea and one foot is in the yellow of the beach. Well, would you like to explore this city from start to finish? Lets start then.

You can find a more detailed version of the travel notes, which we will briefly discuss here, in the Antalya Travel Guide, the 5th issue of our Tourism Diary. Click now to get more information about the city, route and what you wonder, start reading: TD MAG Issue 5

About Antalya

Geography: Antalya, the fifth most populous city in Turkey with a population of 2.6 million, is also the country’s 6th largest city in terms of surface area. It borders the Mediterranean in the south, Muğla in the west, Burdur and Isparta in the north, Konya in the northeast, Karaman and Mersin in the east.

Etymology: King of Pergamum II, who liked Antalya today, that his soldiers showed after he said “Go and find me the heaven on earth”. Considering the strategic importance of the region, Attalos had a port city built here. The city is named ‘Ataleia’ after its founder Attalos. The name of the city is mentioned as ‘Antaliye’ in ancient Arabic sources and as “Adalya” in Turkish sources. The settlement is called “Antalya” starting from the first quarter of the 20th century.

Climate: With its Mediterranean climate, Antalya has a climate type that is expressed as hot and dry in summers and warm and rainy in winters. The average temperature in summer is between 28-36°C. You can swim in the city nine months of the year.

How to get to Antalya?

Antalya can be reached by land and air from all over Turkey. You can reach the travel destinations you want from Antalya Airport, which is 11 kilometers away from the city center and located in the east of the city, with Havaş shuttles, taxi or car rental services. 

Antalya Bus Station, located in the city center, is ideal for those who prefer to travel by intercity buses. Those who want to reach by private vehicle can explore the whole region by going from the coastline or have the opportunity to visit other cities by moving from the inner regions. Click for transportation from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir.

City transportation in Antalya is also very easy. Trams, public buses, taxis and sea buses operate frequently in the city. The tram in Antalya is called Antray and passes through 16 stops in total. 

The nostalgic tram, which has 11 stops in total, passes through the historical Antalya Castle Gate and offers the beauties of the city. Taxi, sea bus, public buses are among the other modes of transportation in Antalya. You can explore the whole city by buying an Antalyakart.

When to go to Antalya?

Since Antalya is generally a preferred destination for summer holidays, the best time to go is undoubtedly the summer months. Depending on the seasonal temperature, the tourism season usually opens in April-May and continues until the weather gets colder in October. 

The city’s temperatures begin to decrease as of October. It is useful to make your holiday plans and reservations early, as there is a touristic intensity in the period covering April-October. In the period between December and March, you can have a holiday in the best hotels of Antalya with indoor pools and SPA-centered hotels. Finally, although the weather is generally warm in Antalya, we recommend that you be careful against tornadoes and heavy rains in winter. Have a nice holiday in advance. (:

Where to stay in Antalya?

It is easy to find a hotel for every budget in Antalya. For example, Belek hotels with 5 stars will provide the best service and comfort to those who dream of a luxury holiday. Kemer district of Antalya is among the places where suitable hotel options can be found. Kaleiçi, on the other hand, is the most famous region of Antalya and a place with many historical old mansions and many hotels to stay.

Apart from hostels and luxury hotels, bungalows, glamping and camping areas are among the most preferred accommodation options in Antalya. These places, which serve in the concept of bungalow and where you will feel in touch with nature, are very popular in Kemer, Çıralı, Kumluca and Olympos regions. For camping or glamping, Olympos, Kaş or Çıralı can be the spots you can choose.

Antalya is waiting for you with its exclusive all-inclusive hotels, boutique and apart hotels that attract attention with their proximity to entertainment and travel centers, hostels and camping areas that are preferred with affordable price advantages. Click for the most popular hotels in Antalya.

Where to go in Antalya?

Do you know which places are waiting to be seen in the 19 districts of Antalya, which is known for having the most popular holiday resorts? Click here to find out .

Of course, there are many places to visit and see in Antalya. For example, Gazipaşa Delik Deniz Kral Bay is the most special route with its blue flag awarded beaches, magnificent waterfalls, bays where you can’t get enough of swimming, and most importantly, with the pen of our writer Melih Daşgın . You can click to reach all of these routes .

For those who want to travel to history and experience the excitement of archeology at its peak, you can find the comprehensive Antalya ancient city & museum guide that I have discussed here.

What to eat in Antalya?

Mustafa Oğuz, in his article in this issue, talks about the city’s food & beverage culture and answers the question “Where to eat and what to eat in Antalya”. You can click here to reach Oğuz’s venue and food suggestions. Right after, you can learn about 7 geographically marked products of Antalya and more details.

Shopping guide: What to buy in Antalya? 

The best address for shopping in Antalya is Kaleiçi Bazaar. You can find everything you are looking for in the street where souvenirs are sold, and you can visit the shops where authentic and antique items are sold with great admiration. There are also other bazaars in Antalya suitable for your needs. For example, there are shops selling jewelry, tailors and leather shops in Uzun Çarşı. The Grand Bazaar, which contains 760 shops, is the most attractive shopping point of the city.

Apart from the open-air bazaars and unique, entertaining markets of the city, there are also shopping centers with luxury or affordable stores. Among the best and most loved shopping malls of Antalya; Terracity, Mark Antalya, Mall of Antalya, Agora, Ikea Antalya, Erasta, Antalium, Shemall and ÖzdilekPark.

You can consider buying genuine leather products from the city where nomadic carpets are very popular. You can also choose authentic jewelry made of silver and handmade. You can also buy ornamental products unique to Antalya from the souvenir shops on the sidewalks of the coastline. Antalya is one of the best jam producing cities of our country with its fruits grown on fertile soil. Especially orange, bergamot and citrus jams are very famous. Therefore, do not forget to buy a variety of jams from the shops in Kaleiçi and Uzun Çarşı.

urban legends of Antalya

Antalya is a city that has hosted very important civilizations for the history of civilization. Well, have you ever wondered how Antalya was founded? Or have you heard of the famous legends of the city? King of Pergamum II. From Attalos to Trembling Lake, from Belkıs to Eleni’s tears, from Santa Claus to Sleeping Giant and Yanartaş (Çıralı) & Belerophontes Legend. Click to read all these legends .

Antalya’s nightlife

Antalya, a special place where you can experience different experiences together, is also the address of entertainment with its colorful nightclubs. Here are a few of these places:

  • Simurg Temple
  • Soho Club Antalya
  • The Royal Castle Pub
  • Club Inferno
  • Bi’ Büyük Tavern and Sandal Fish
  • Antalya Bar Street
  • Jolly Joker
  • Teapot
  • JunglePub
  • TheTudors Arena
Antalya event and festival calendar

Travel enthusiasts who will turn their route to Antalya can attend the traditional festivals, some of which are world-famous, and some of which Antalya has held for years. Click to note popular Antalya festivals and dates.

To-Do List: Don’t leave Antalya without doing these!
  • Wander freely in Kaleiçi, the most colorful face of Antalya.
  • Discover old mansions with bay windows, balconies, courtyards and gardens, sweet places and attractions.
  • Witness the magnificence of the historic Clock Tower.
  • Get ready for a hard walk on the Lycian Way.
  • Take a walk in Atatürk Culture Park, which offers visual surprises for 4 kilometers.
  • Spend a day in Çakırlar Village, which stands out with its locality.
  • It is impossible to see the first Islamic monument of the city, the Yivli Minaret.
  • Visit Antalya Atatürk House and Museum.
  • Have a picnic in Dim Stream.
  • Spend time in Tekirova Ecological Natural Park.
  • Tour the Old Antalya Houses.
  • Discover the history by visiting the Antalya Museum.
  • Visit the Red Tower, the symbol of Alanya.
  • Take a boat tour on Oymapınar Lake.
  • Examine the creatures living in the Antalya Marine Biology Museum.
  • See the flame of Yanartaş closely.
  • Climb to Alara Castle.
  • Visit Ayayorgi Church.
  • Take a closer look at the birds at Demre Andriake Bird Sanctuary.
  • Take a boat tour in Altınbeşik Cave National Park.
  • Witness the beauty of Olympos with the Olympos Cable Car.
  • Camp in Olympos Beydaglari National Park.
  • Watch the city view at Heart Of Antalya.
  • Get lost in the fairy-tale world of Antalya Toy Museum.
  • Visit our friends at Antalya Zoo.
  • Have fun in Aqualand Dolphinland.
  • Explore every inch of Anatolia in Minicity Miniature City Park.
  • Take a photo against the unique beauty of Greyhound Canyon.
  • Capture unique shots in Güver Canyon.
  • Pedal around the Doyran Pond.
  • Take a closer look at the gigantic sand sculptures at the Antalya Sand Sculpture Museum.
  • Enjoy trout in Sapadere Canyon.
  • Jump into the cool waters with the Caretta Carettas at Patara Beach.
  • Do not leave without seeing Suluada, the Maldives of Turkey.
  • Rafting at Köprülü Canyon, water skiing and paragliding at Hip Notics.
  • Climb at Geyikbayırın.



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