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The 10 Best Things to do in Alexandria, Egypt 2023

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Alexandria has one of the most idyllic settings in all of Egypt, located to the north on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Believed to have been founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC. AD, Alexandria became one of the most important commercial centers in the world at the end of the 18th century.

Unfortunately, due to several wars, earthquakes and massive tsunami, very little of the ancient city has survived to the present day.

There are just a few interesting landmarks left to explore as well as some of the warmest and most welcoming people you will meet on your Egypt vacation! “Welcome Alex!” will be the greeting you will receive from friendly faces on every corner of Alexandria.

You are likely to only see a handful of foreigners and the hassle factor among locals is low as the town is not on the typical tourist bus route.

If you have visited several tourist cities like Luxor, Aswan or Giza, you will appreciate that Alexandria is not heavily dependent on tourism. It will be a peaceful revival of the hectic touts of Egypt’s big cities.

Spend a few days eating delicious food, strolling through markets and chatting with the friendly locals of Alexandria!


Alexandria, Egypt Travel Basics

Things you need to Know Before You Go there

The currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound (LE). At the time of writing, the conversion rate was around 16.61 LE for 1 USD.

We’ll be referring to costs in Egyptian Pounds, so keep in mind that if we say something costs 100 LE, that’s around 6.00 USD.

Egyptians speak Arabic and you should learn some key phrases to get around! “Al Salam Alaikum” (pronounced sall-em wall-a-come) is a nice way to say “hello”. “Shukran” (pronounced shoo kran) is “thank you”. “Ma’-Elsalama” (pronounced ma sell lem-a) is “goodbye”.

As in most conservative countries, women must cover their knees and shoulders when they leave the house. While many Egyptian women wear hijabs or burqas, foreign women are only supposed to cover their heads when entering mosques.

Remember that you are not here to change the culture, you are here to experience a new one.

Best Time to Visit Alexandria

Although Alexandria is considered to have a hot desert climate, the proximity to the sea as well as the prevailing north wind provide significantly less severe heat.

January and February are the coolest months with temperatures hovering around 55°F.

And since Alexandria is one of the wettest places in Egypt, you may experience downpours during the winter months.

July and August are the hottest and driest months with temperatures in the mid 80s. If you want to avoid the cold and the rain, plan your visit in the spring, summer or fall.

Getting to Alexandria

Borg El Arab International Airport is located approximately 40 kilometers southwest of Alexandria. Trains run regularly to and from Cairo, or you can hire a Cairo driver for 600-800 LE depending on how hard you bargain. The journey should only take about 2.5 hours depending on traffic. Or you can take the public transport buses or super jet buses.

There is also some apps like Uber, Careem, Didi and Swvl which you can use to get any where at a reasonable price.

The Ultimate 10 Things to See and Do in Alexandria, Egypt

Stay in a Historic Hotel

A historical monument built in 1929 with spacious rooms overlooking the sea, the Steigenberger Cecil Hotel is the ideal place to stay when visiting this beautiful city. This hotel has hosted several infamous guests, including Winston Churchill and Al Capone, and it served as an operations center for the British Secret Service.

On arrival, you will be greeted by the warm and welcoming staff, then take the elegant, old-fashioned elevator to your spacious room. Evidence of the hotel’s long history can be found in every detail, from the elegant chandeliers to the opulent gilt mirrors that adorn the walls. And you’ll love having your own private balcony with stunning sea views!

Start each morning with fresh juices, made-to-order omelettes, a selection of breads and cheeses, and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth at Le Jardin restaurant off the lobby.

And end your days with a glass of wine at the hotel’s rooftop China House for stunning sea views as the sun sets. If you’re in the mood for a late night, dance the night away at the trendy first-floor nightclub, Caesar’s Palace.

Dine on the Delectable Cuisine

Alexandria has no shortage of delicious dining options at all price points.

We’ve eaten literally everything in sight (for research purposes of course) to bring you a list of our favorites! Fresh sushi at

Mori Sushi ($$$) – try the candy and vegetable appetizers and the salmon sashimi.

Foul, falafel and fried cheese at Mohamed Ahmed ($$) – the best place in Alex to enjoy an Egyptian-style breakfast.

Koshary at Koshary 3la El Sohkhn ($) – rice, macaroni, lentils and fried onions are tossed together then topped with tomato sauce and served quickly! There is always a crowd gathered around this popular spot.

Pizza and Oreo coffee for dessert at the Roastery Restaurant ($$) – a quaint restaurant with comfortable seating and friendly servers. And if you like spices, you’ll love the tandoori chicken pizza!

Seafood at the Greek Club ($$$) – with a prime beachfront location, the Greek Club offers the best seafood in all of Alexandria! Start with the choriatiki salata and the seafood soup.

Don’t miss the grilled calamari with feta cheese, tomatoes and green peppers! Be sure to book a table with a view.

Shawarma at Fayrouz Restaurant ($) – they have the biggest rotating spit you’ll see anywhere in Egypt!

And the food is delicious and not expensive! Salty feteer at Dahab restaurant ($$) – definitely the best feteer in Alex, arguably in all of Egypt!

Beef sandwiches at Alflah restaurant ($) – at LE 6 per sandwich, you can go crazy at the popular terrace restaurant.

Do as the locals do and order a full plate with some crisps on the side!

Taste local drinks

Alexandria has no shortage of delicious drink concoctions that you must try when visiting.

These are just a few of our favorite local bars: Sobia at Alban Makka – this coconut milk drink is heavenly!

Carob Juice at Carob Amal – this rich and sweet juice tastes like dried cherries and will only cost you LE5 per glass.

Wine and/or beer at Drinkies – for cheap beer and wine to go (plus they deliver!)

Treat yourself to a dessert

Egyptians love their desserts and Alexandria is the perfect city to feast on the best treats. Be sure to add these to the list of places to visit in Alexandria:

Rice pudding at Gilaty Azza – the perfect end to a delicious meal!

Om Ali in El-Sheikh Wafik – phyllo dough or puff pastry, milk and nuts are all added to a bowl and cooked until hot and bubbling.

Kunafa at Sweets Syrian Palace – this delicious dessert is filled with cheese and topped with a sweet sweet syrup. You must try one while in Egypt!

Visit the Citadel of Qaitbay

Qaitbay Citadel is a 15th century fortress that was an important defensive stronghold for Egypt. Today it has been restored and offers breathtaking views of the sea and the city from the fortress walls. You can also take a sailing boat tour around the citadel and near to the coast, but it may cost you around 100 to 200 Egyptian Pounds

There are also several small market stalls lining the street near the entrance.

Entrance fee: LE 40 per person

Stroll through the Palace and Gardens of Montazah

You can’t actually enter the royal palace at Montazah Palace and Gardens, but you can stroll through the beautiful gardens and stroll along the beautiful (albeit almost deserted) coastline.

Entrance fee: LE 15 per person and per vehicle. If you come by taxi or Uber, you will have to pay LE 15 for the driver and LE 15 for his car to enter the gate.

Discover the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is a magnificent building containing the largest reading room with open shelves in the world. It also contains three museums and two permanent exhibitions, which are certainly worth a visit during your visit to Alexandria.

Entrance fee: LE 70 per person

Admire the ancient Roman amphitheater

The ancient Roman amphitheater is a small amphitheater located a short distance from Hotel Cecil. The ruins have been well preserved and there are some interesting artifacts that you will want to see when you visit. It’s a small area and should only take about an hour to walk around the ruins.

Entrance fee: LE 80 per person

See the Kom el Shoqafa Catacombs

The Kom el Shoqafa catacombs were accidentally discovered in 1900 when a donkey fell into a hole in the ground. It is the largest known Roman burial site in all of Egypt. You will descend a spiral staircase into the mysterious underground tomb. If you Uber or taxi here, expect heavy downtown traffic!

Entrance fee: LE 60 per person. No cameras allowed inside.

Go Souvenir Shopping

Alexandria is the perfect place to pick up bargains on fashionable clothes! The town center is lined with clothing and accessories shops offering everything from cheap counterfeits to high-end and expensive clothes. Check out our favorite shopping spots in the city:

Souq Ibrahimiyyah – head to this bustling souk in the morning to catch vendors selling fresh produce, seafood, and a variety of meats (both dead and alive).

Sayed El Safty – a lovely antique shop full of treasures!

Attareen Antique Market – this maze of alleys is worth braving if antiques and collectables are your thing.

Once you’ve spent a few days in Alexandria, you won’t want to leave!




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